Store and send files with DivShare


Do you have the need in your everyday life and business to store and send files? I believe we all do in some form or another, whether it is to show off a proof of something, or share ideas and collaboration.

We were recently invited to try out the new free DivShare online file hosting service similar to what you can experience with YouSendIt, ImageShack, and Flickr, or online storage areas like Xdrive and I was expecting that this service might be a little complicated to use when reading through cofounder David Altschul’s email on what the service was all about. And given that it was a team of two that developed this application, my expectations were not set too high, but they do have more than 10 years behind them in the dev field so they do know a thing or two about user interaction. But I have to tell you, I was somewhat blown away with the extreme ease of use, and benefits that this application could have for not only the web worker, but for the average person looking for a simple place to store and share not only photos, but files as well.

Signing up is simple, and took me no longer than one minute. Uploading an image or file is easier. What’s great about it is that for each file you upload, the DivShare service creates a unique URL where the file can be accessed by the outside world. Emails can also be sent out notifying contacts where they can download the file. For image uploads, links to the full image, or to a thumbnail of the image easily allows you to add the image to website, or social network. You can also co-brand your own download page with your unique logo so your visitors always know its you when they visit your unique page to download images. Making for seamless business integration. So if you are on the hunt for a place to store and share files, put the free DivShare service on your list to check out.


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