Neuronet and IAVRT a Scam?


Over on the reBang blog, there’s a post about the Neuronet announcement by the IAVRT, Internation Association of Virtual Reality Technologies, and how it may possibly be a scam. We reported on the announcement of the Neuronet yesterday, and how it is made possible by using abandoned fiber optics left over from the dot com era. The network would exist seperately from the Internet and have a higher bandwidth capacity.

Sven Johnson pegged this for a scam immediately and started looking for legitimate sources for the the IAVRT so that he could ask them some questions. Unfortunately, they’ve been hard to get a hold of. C|Net wrote a rather glowing story about the Neuronet, so Mr. Johnson contacted them. C|Net has supposedly been in contact with the co-founder of the IAVRT Christopher Scully. Johnson had this to say:

“Okay, so who exactly is Christopher Scully and why should I, or anyone, trust him? It’s been a while since I’ve read any books on virtual reality, so his name isn’t ringing any bells for me. “

Good point. Though admittedly suspicious sounding, it is an interesting concept. We’ll continue to follow this story and update as more information comes in.


David Nelson

They had me going! I’m glad I found your post.
Should someone notify PayPal?

susan simmons

I am one of the owners of Stay Sane Communications, the company Charles S. Johnson (a.k.a. csven) points to in his blog “Is the Neuronet a Scam?” In his blog Mr. Johnson states: “Now that I feel like I have a real sense of what’s going on I go back to my hunch that this is a web developer with a get-rich-quick scheme.”

Although Mr. Johnson suggests there may be an association between IAVRT and Stay Sane Communictaions he has not contacted me or my business partner by phone or email. Both the email address and telephone number are readily available on the Stay Sane Communications web site which he has conveniently linked to.

For the record Stay Sane Communications and its owners Susan Simmons and Eiler Pedersen are not the International Association of Virtual Reality Technologies (IAVRT).

To those who posted information regarding Stay Sane Communications on Mr. Johnson’s blog (including Mr. Johnson himself) we kindly ask that in the future, you contact those you are making comment about to confirm information rather than post speculative and potentially damaging misinformation.

A little courtesy goes a long way.

Susan Simmons
Stay Sane Communications


This whole thing is just becoming too funny.. Reading the latest updates at rebang, IAVRT formerly IABIT International Association of Brain Interface Technologies.

Just a few short months ago they were ready to give away millions, or so they say in a press release. A quick name change, and now they’re asking for money.

What’s going on there?


Clarification and correction:

  • I pegged this as not making any sense given what I think will happen in the future which then led to my personal feeling that this is a potential scam. Right now, I don’t know what it is.

  • I didn’t go looking for information so that I “could ask them some questions”. I simply started looking for information.

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