jkOnTheRun Review- Fujitsu P1610 Tablet Mode Bump Case

P1610 Bump Case 008Miyagi, my Fujitsu P1610 Tablet PC, is a true workhorse and I couldn’t be happier with the boost in productivity I am enjoying having it around.  The small device is so light it begs to be taken everywhere and makes it simple to do so.  On the days when I spend most of my time at Big Oil Company, I am usually going from one conference room to another and I have been carrying Miyagi in my hand from meeting to meeting on those days.  I have been getting a little concerned about the safety of the P1610 when I carry it by itself in my hand so I decided to pick up the Tablet Mode Bump Case from Fujitsu (part # (FPCCC79).  I received it this past week and have been using it for a few days so I thought I’d share what I could about this capable case.

Fujitsu offers two bump cases for the P1610, the Tablet Mode Bump Case that I purchased and the Convertible Bump Case which provides usage of the device in either Tablet mode or laptop mode.  The two cases are almost the same price ($79 for the Tablet Mode and $80 for the Convertible) and since price wasn’t a factor I decided to get the Tablet case because it looked a little smaller than the Convertible case.  The last thing I wanted to do was take my nice small Tablet PC and bulk it up with a huge case.

P1610 Bump Case 029The Tablet Mode Bump Case is constructed out of durable Cordura nylon and has a very secure feel to it.  It is slightly bristly feeling and it never feels like it’s going to slip out of my hand.  The case has a handle on the top with a rubber grip that is not only comfortable but very secure too.  The front of the case is padded with very rigid padding on all surfaces which provides some protection, although I wouldn’t want to drop the case with Miyagi inside.  The point is to give it a little protection from the bumps that invariably happen when you are mobile with a device like the P1610.  There are cutouts in the case for all ports and buttons, Fujitsu has done a good job making sure that everything on the P1610 is accessible while in the case, even the PC Card slot which lets me use EV-DO while encased.  The case will fit the P1610 with either the standard or extended battery fitted, and since I use both this was another deciding factor for my purchase.  There is a removable spacer that goes in the case when the smaller standard battery is fitted to make sure the device fits snugly and that all cutouts line up properly.

P1610 Bump Case 009

P1610 Bump Case 020The back of the case is almost entirely made of a mesh material that keeps the weight down and allows good ventilation when the P1610 is powered on.  There is an X-shaped elastic strap system that you slip your hand into while using the P1610 in portrait orientation that keeps it nice and secure and provides a firm base for inking while standing up.  The case comes with a long shoulder strap and there are four clip hooks so you can carry the case in a number of ways.  Hook the strap up to the top of the case by the handle and it will sit in landscape mode at your side, or you can hook it on either end and carry it in portrait mode, or the most interesting way and the one I find the most comfortable, you can hook it up so that it sits diagonally on the hip.  Fujitsu has put the same attention to usabililty to bear in the design of this case that they do for all their Tablet PCs 

So far I am quite happy with the case, it adds very little weight to the device when encased and so little extra bulk that I can slip the whole thing into the Booq bag and carry it from location to location.  I get the best of both worlds, I have all of my accessories in the Booq bag yet can carry just the device when I need to.  That’s how I roll, anyway. 

Here are some assorted pictures that should show all you could ever know about the Bump Case (yes, I took some of them in the bathroom for the mirror)  :

P1610 Bump Case 012  P1610 Bump Case 013

P1610 Bump Case 015   P1610 Bump Case 016

P1610 Bump Case 017   P1610 Bump Case 018

P1610 Bump Case 019   P1610 Bump Case 025

P1610 Bump Case 026   P1610 Bump Case 028


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