Wired News: “Steve Jobs’ Best Year Ever”


Wired News is summarizing 2006 as Steve Jobs’ Best Year Ever. Leander Kahney points out highlights for Apple from each month in 2006. It has been an incredible year, with highs like the Intel Macs, Boot Camp, and new iPods; and lows like the accounting scandal. I totally don’t understand the hype over the iPhone. All this hype can only hurt Apple, high expectations will lead to disappointment when/if Apple does release a phone of some sort. But the incredible quote is from Steve Jobs in October: “Looking forward, 2007 is likely to be one of the most exciting new product years in Apple’s history.” I can’t even imagine what Apple will be coming out with next year.



I think we are all getting way too hung up on the “phone” aspect of “iPhone.” My hope is that it will be marketed as a communication/organizer device which just happens to do phone calls in addition to well-done IM, music, photos, videos, and possibly video chatting.

People would still groan about the lackluster feature set of the “phone” part of it, but Steve could market this as a whole new thing to own and carry around and just ignore the slashdots of the world. There were MP3 players before the iPod, but they were so geekishly marketed as, well, MP3 players. I expect Apple to take a similar device-rebranding approach with the new gadget, which will for the above reasons probably not brag about being a “phone” in its name.

And while we’re on the whole name thing, Apple can be obvious (Apple Mail? iChat?) but they can also reach for the unexpected (i-Pod? GarageBand, Boot Camp…)

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