Up to no good: Stock Options not so bad?


In a bit of sensationalist journalism/blogism today, I see article titles like this:

“Apple Stock Options Fallout Continues”

What fallout? I don’t see Jobs getting into the Pope-mobile and heading to his plane to hide in Switzerland. I called my friends at Cupertino and lunch is being served and they haven’t made announcements that payroll isn’t happening.

“Apple shares fall on stock options probe worries, new questions about CEO Jobs”

There aren’t any new questions that aren’t being entertained by Jobs and the people representing him. Sure, he’s human and capable of lying and I pray that isn’t the case. There is a lot of standard procedure going on in this probe, that’s why it is happening. It corrects the mistakes and uncovers any possible wrong doing, which last I checked no one is charged with anything. If anyone is remotely in trouble its the former CFO.
Then I see “Possible stock-options scam at Apple fails to hurt stocks”
Why would it when the company just had an unbelievable holiday season and plenty of cash in the bank? Sure, investors aren’t going to be as willing to drop cash on AAPL but I haven’t seen the stock fall abnormally low.

Sigh…Is there anyone out there looking at this logically? One site I found, and I commend them for running the truth. “Analyst: Apple Options Fears Overblown”

Here’s the gem quote: “Mr. Reitzes feels that the financial impact on Apple over the restated historical financials will be minimal, and that the company is on track to putting the stock options issue behind it.”

Spoken like a true expert and not a sensationalist trying to get a buck off online advertising. TAB readers, beware. This cloudy weather in Apple’s history will blow over and be forgotten in six months. Apple isn’t the only one going through this right now either. They just happen to get more press it seems.



One thing is for sure, it’s helping us bloggers in the end.

The News industry, as a whole, has done a tremendous job at discrediting itself with sensationalistic headlines. I only read the local news now and with a huge dose of salt. I get 95% of my news through blogs.

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