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Technorati, Edelman deal is done

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Looks like the much vaunted deal between Edelman PR and Technorati is all but done, according to Handelsblatt, a German news daily.

Wolfgang Luenenbuerger-Reidenbach, the head of online conversations at Edelman Germany (and a blogger himself), confirmed my information that both companies won’t renew their partnership which is about to run out at year end anyway.

This is not such a good December for both Technorati and Edelman. Google beat Technorati and surged ahead as the blog search leader. Edelman is dealing with the Microsoft Vista issue.

Steve Rubel from Edelman adds: “The European sites developed in French, German and Italian are operational through the end of January. Work on the Asian language sites – Korean and Chinese – has ceased. The partnership was never set to renew.”

6 Responses to “Technorati, Edelman deal is done”

  1. JamesBruni

    The Edelman-Technorati deal is DOA because of Edelman’s Walmart “flog” scandal. It will take years for Edelman to regain the confidence of the Blogosphere community. Best wishes for a Happy Year to Malik and the crew.

  2. I’ve a bad feeling about Technorati when Niall left Technorati, then a few other folks from the team left who were there since early beginning. Then search results started acting weird. There are times when I was paging through and clicked on next and it came back with no more to show. Then came the site overhaul from what I think was a great design to a not so great design.