Online Video Menu for 2007


Co-written with Paul Kapustka.

Bonjour, madames et monsieurs. Would you like a look at our menu of online video for the next 12 months? You may choose prix fixe or a la carte, whatever you wish. It’s a mixed-metaphor extravaganza!

For hors d’ouvres, may we suggest Access methods: On the traditional side, we have cable vs. our new special, telco TV. Both are expected to improve as the year goes along. Some may not be available for all diners just yet. For those on the go, we expect many challenges to the popular iTunes download model. Please tell us, DRM or no DRM before you order.

Our second course is Big media involvement: Do you like pre-roll? Integrated ads? Stunts and material built solely around sponsor products? You’re going to love the scrumptious online offerings from from big studios then, as the pro production teams start realizing that there is advertising interest and big ROI in direct-to-Web material. But for every gift in a box, there’s going to be plenty of duds. Just like prime-time TV.

First plates go to Startups: Opportunities are getting moldy for would-be YouTubes, with executives jumping ship from Revver and Guba, and Metacafe acquisition talks hitting hitches. “The billion-dollar opportunity has kind of passed,” former Guba CEO Tom McInerney told CNET. Tired of chewing on old meat, we’re looking to video ad startups to be the user-generated video hit of 2007.

Our main course is a serving of Platforms and formats: Which will hit the mainstream first: mobile, living room, HD? They’re all a bit early for our taste; we recommend waiting for them ripen in 2008 or later. Here at NewTeeVee, we’re big fans of P2P style distribution, a la Azureus, BitTorrent, The Venice Project, Grid Networks, and the new VeriSign hybrid CDN.

For dessert, the sweet flavors of Stars: Who will be the videoblogging crossover hit of 2007? Hillary Clinton? Britney? We can tell you we’re not looking forward to missing out on our daily helping of Ze after March. The new stuff might not be as raw and gutsy as the pioneers of 2006, but we’re betting next year’s crop will be a lot higher quality.



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How many video sites can one stand? We’re drowning in them.

I prefer, because it saves me time and aggregates the stuff for me.


dont want to be rude but couldnt you write the post without all this a la carte, table d’hôte in français?

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