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Now Qwest Needs Fiber Too

Qwest, according to a Light Reading report, is now looking to build out FTTx styled network and had asked equipment vendors to send in their proposals before Christmas 2006. In the request for proposal documents obtained by Light Reading, Qwest admits that current methods have some challenges.

“continues to be challenged to develop innovative, more cost effective solutions to meet ever changing market needs. Within the access environment, the ability to leverage the embedded base of copper and fiber plant to provide voice, data, and video services is critical.”

In other words if it doesn’t do triple play, things could get tough for the company. Most DSL providers have plans to migrate to fiber sooner or later.

The RFP called NG Access FTTx, could either be for upgrading the existing network, or simply going down the fiber route, much like Verizon. It makes a lot of sense for Qwest to go all-fiber. It serves demographically attractive markets like Arizona and Colorado. These are some of the hottest housing markets with a lot of greenfield deployments, where fiber deployment is relatively simple.

Qwest’s RFP says the Next Generation Access Platform it is seeking should have IP uplinks, and it would like for all three architectures (FTTP, FTTC, and FTTN) to be supported from a single platform

Most major equipment makers have reportedly responded to this RFP. Is this a sign that telecom market just might do better in 2007? We will soon find out.

2 Responses to “Now Qwest Needs Fiber Too”

  1. “It makes a lot of sense for Qwest to go all-fiber.”

    very unlikely except in greenfield applications. Qwest is cash strapped. Perhaps fiber to the node then VDSL2 in other areas of Qwest’s network.