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Updated: More Video Sharing Upheavel: Guba CEO Leaves

Updated below: Original post on Dec 23: In and of itself, not a big deal, but symptomatic of the bubble (bursting) in video sharing sites. Earlier this week the news of two founders of Revver leaving, and now another hyped-site Guba‘s outspoken CEO and co-founder Tom McInerney is leaving, reports Om. Eric Lambrecht, co-counder and CTO of GUBA is going to take over as the CEO of the company. McInerey is exiting out of the technology sector completely, it seems.
Guba started in 1997, and then morphed into a video sharing and movie download site, following the rise of online video sharing and YouTube.
Updated on Dec 28: has some more details on this: “I think we can all acknowledge that YouTube has won the big prize,” McInerney said. “Guba is at a crossroads and we’re deciding whether to look for funding or to sell. I think we’re inclined to sell.” McInerney said that members of his executive team are considering whether to step down. The reason, McInerney said, is that Guba stands little chance of striking an acquisition deal as lucrative as YouTube’s.
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5 Responses to “Updated: More Video Sharing Upheavel: Guba CEO Leaves”

  1. Digininja

    Who would be dumb enough to buy any of these companies? Anyone could start their own.

    All of the consumer originated videos sites have hit the same problem, monitization.

    Tom, from Guba, joining the right clubs, and living in the "Birds" is actually a handicap. I wouldn't trust anyone with such a lavish lifestyle, who runs a non-profitable company, if indeed he did such things. That sort of "charade"was popular towards the end of te LAST CENTURY.

    You can't use a 15 second pre-roll on a 1 min. video, and Revver
    PUTS THEIR ADS AT THE END OF THE VIDEO!!!!! If its boring and the viewer leaves, they LOSE THE BANDWIDTH COSTS!!! It all ads up. The average attention span of 15-35 yr. olds is 7 SECONDS. Their market is leaving the video, and them holding the bandwidth cost bag. The more traffic, the greater the loss…

    YouTube is working because of adsense, text advertising, with no layers of profit on the ad to pay out.

    DAVE.TV, also a shell, is trying to be sold. What are you buying, my opinion, just a un-recognizable brand.

    I feel, as with any other market, niche market sites will evolve, once a monitazition program is developed.

  2. whoindatgarden

    Well I have always maintained that this is Hype created by and subscribed to by those who have invested and are making a killing, just as the previous crap shoot ideas got funded and then lost for most but the few chosen insiders as always made out.
    Guba may still be sold to someone with deeper pockets, but in the end one has to look at the offering and the service.
    There are a slew of online movie/video download services be it the Movielink's or the Unbox's or the Guba's of the world. When it comes to studio generated content the number of unique offerings is limited and what differentiates one from the other is how their service is easy to use or not. As of now none of them is easy to use and wont be for another 5-10 years for several factors play a role that need to be addressed and it cant happen in a short period of time. In the meantime these many offerings will either die or be acquired eventually leaving maybe at the most 3 players.
    One has to remember that even with the predicted increased bandwidth there is a big question mark on whether HD content can be streamed reliably to everyone who wishes to subscribe to such a service. Video on Demand services have existed for a while now and yet they do not bring in the revenues for the cable operators that regular programming does.
    To be seen, in the meantime let the HYPE continue to build and make people remain dumb and numb

  3. Tom spent two years Smoozing the Hollywood Studio execs ,Joined the right clubs ,rented a fancy car and condo in the Hollywood Hills and now he admits defeat ….

    The Internet video boom is in its infancy and when the Disk dies off as a format and broadband speeds go thru the roof (predicted to be 2012) then video sites that rent or sell Hollywood movies will be the future .

    User generated content is fun for about 2 minutes .

    Professionally created video can be fun for hours .

  4. there can only be one, and youtube's it. The only question is, what happens to Google Video now?

    I remember thinking at the time of the takeover, isn't that a gross admission of failure of their own video service? I guess they're porting all the stuff over to youtube, and they'll kill off the service in 6 months time.

    I wonder what the traffic stats for Google Video have been like?