MacAppADay Ends Disappointingly

MacAppADay – in my estimation – gave away some decent software for free throughout the month of December. I found some apps that I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise, and this was really the ultimate goal for the developers. So it worked out pretty well for the most part.

Unfortunately switching servers, and then a week’s hiatus left many fans of the MAAD program waiting for something special to end on. So what did they (we) get when they finally returned to their regularly scheduled programming? Plugging some lame (sounding) web app for building websites. The real stick in the eye is that there’s nearly no information about the web application which is still in private beta, but they’re asking users to pay into the beta testing, in order to continue their development work. The displeasure I felt by this turn of events is echoed in the comments by several other users as well.

I understand that the Mac-based software development world has seen some great successes this past year in hyping apps before they’ve gone Gold, releasing beta versions, or selling discounted pre licenses on software that sounded promising. But these things were heavily hyped in advance, released with precision and tantalizing details for weeks prior to launch, and essentially known quantities. Suddenly dropping a web application on people that they’ve heard possibly nothing of, with essentially no details, and expecting them to jump at the opportunity to pay (rather a lot, IMO) for a chance to beta test something that doesn’t look too promising (from the limited information offered) is insulting.

Not to be misunderstood, I’ve enjoyed MAAD. I think it was a decent idea, and achieved its goal (and I got some neat free apps to try out). But I fear that their final harrah! will leave a bad taste in many a user’s mouth.


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