MacAppADay Ends Disappointingly


MacAppADay – in my estimation – gave away some decent software for free throughout the month of December. I found some apps that I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise, and this was really the ultimate goal for the developers. So it worked out pretty well for the most part.

Unfortunately switching servers, and then a week’s hiatus left many fans of the MAAD program waiting for something special to end on. So what did they (we) get when they finally returned to their regularly scheduled programming? Plugging some lame (sounding) web app for building websites. The real stick in the eye is that there’s nearly no information about the web application which is still in private beta, but they’re asking users to pay into the beta testing, in order to continue their development work. The displeasure I felt by this turn of events is echoed in the comments by several other users as well.

I understand that the Mac-based software development world has seen some great successes this past year in hyping apps before they’ve gone Gold, releasing beta versions, or selling discounted pre licenses on software that sounded promising. But these things were heavily hyped in advance, released with precision and tantalizing details for weeks prior to launch, and essentially known quantities. Suddenly dropping a web application on people that they’ve heard possibly nothing of, with essentially no details, and expecting them to jump at the opportunity to pay (rather a lot, IMO) for a chance to beta test something that doesn’t look too promising (from the limited information offered) is insulting.

Not to be misunderstood, I’ve enjoyed MAAD. I think it was a decent idea, and achieved its goal (and I got some neat free apps to try out). But I fear that their final harrah! will leave a bad taste in many a user’s mouth.



It looks to me that MAAD was suffering from the same problem MH did, at least early on: little or no advanced planning. I personally suspect that they were trying to get people to sign on an ad-hoc basis, and they just didn’t find anyone to fill in the final week.

Still, I have to hand it to the MAAD people, I’d never been really aware of companies like stupidFish and DEVONtech; thanks to the original DEVONagent giveaway, I actually ended up paying for 2.0.3 (which I find immensely useful, btw).


Come on folks. It wasn’t that bad. they had some problems. For the most part it has been great. I look forward to tomorrow night!

Dave M.

Sorry, Grant. CastCount is amazingly slow, and all it does is (I assume) put the number of unlistened/viewed podcasts in the menu bar.

I say “I assume” because the thing never managed to scan my iTunes library.

Let’s hope that what ever they are going to do on New Years day is something very nice considering all the disappointments lately.


Definitely a bummer ending, and this morning was total BS. They stated that it would be an “Exciting Web App”, which I took to mean an application that will interact with the web, instead it is some crappy web service that is not explained in any way and that I have no use for even if they explained it in detail. And even if you need it, what is exciting about drag-n-drop web page design?

There is an app being launched tonight, which seems to reek of this morning’s crap, but I am trying to be optimistic. I am having trouble being too excited about the big finish on the first also, a beta and another discount to another service…

Oh well, it was nice while it rolled smoothly and I got a couple of apps that are still installed on my system, so that’s good enough, especially since it didn’t cost me anything other than sleep.


I set a recurring appt in iCal every AM so I wouldn’t forget to check MAAD. Lately, I have been disappointed since a number of days have been missed for various reasons. I do appreciate the folks running MAAD and the developers who have donated their software. We have a few days left to hope for some great Mac app offerings.

Dave M.

Yeah, I understand that they are giving away software, and that’s a wonderful thing. However, if they are claiming that they are giving away a program a day and then miss a bunch do to a server problem, then taking a break over Christmas, and then doing a web service for another program. Plus, with this being the “Mac” app a day, I’m not really sure that a web service that will work with any computer really counts.

Ah well…


And people had the audacity to rip into MacHeist for ripping off developers… At least they gave something to the users!!


I thought the web thing today was a bummer too – BUT – MacAppADay is not over. So this is not a bummer way for them to end.

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