Getting a Handle on iTunes’ EQ

Lately I’ve been trying to weed out the over-grown garden that is my account. Going back to some of the original things I posted (from 2004!) I found one in particular that I thought may be of use to some of the readers of The Apple Blog. The link explains the Graphic Equalizer that is included in iTunes.

While I love my music, and like hearing it as crisply as possible, I’m not what you’d call an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. So something like this that takes the time to explain what each of the EQ settings are and what they mean to me when listening to my music is pretty useful.

There are several presets offered within the EQ that you can choose from, or you can even create your own based on personal tastes in music. The author – Rich Tozzoli, who seems to know his stuff from what I can tell – includes a screen shot of one of his custom settings named ‘Perfect EQ’. Just for kicks I changed away from the ‘Rock’ preset I usually have in effect and made my own ‘Perfect’ setting. On nicer headphones and my JBL Speakers I thought it sounded a little crisper than my ‘Rock’ setting. Of course this could be the same syndrome as getting your oil changed on your car and swearing it drives better afterward just because something was changed…

Anyhow, it’s worth a quick read to see what you may be missing in using (or not using, as the EQ can be turned off) the iTunes Equalizer and the custom settings available.


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