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Ford To Adopt Microsoft For In-Vehicle OS; Includes Digital Media Downloads

So says a story in WSJ: Ford will unveil next month a hands-free Bluetooth wireless system and in-vehicle OS developed by Microsoft for its entire lineup. The new system, to be dubbed Sync, will allow for hands-free phone communication and other wireless info transfers inside the car, including the ability to receive e-mail and download music.
The effort, the broadest between Microsoft and a mainstream auto maker selling cars in the U.S., follows the company’s recent decisions to expand satellite-radio offerings and introduce features such as iPod jacks.

2 Responses to “Ford To Adopt Microsoft For In-Vehicle OS; Includes Digital Media Downloads”

  1. muriel nellis

    Unless Ford and Microsoft make those delivery systems friendly for Mac,Linux and other open systems, some of us–who have been keeping Ford a 'choice' will be 'prior' customers. Ford should be thinking ahead, not as a hostage.

  2. The Internet will become the primary delivery platform for all media. Wireless Internet access will be available everywhere even in cars. Traditional broadcast TV and Radio and satellitte will at best be secondary. The shift to the Internet by major media has already begun.