Early Vista Tip #7: dynamically resize the desktop icons

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Vista offers more customization and control over the user environment than any prior Windows version. Take for example, the desktop icons and shortcuts. You can use the standard icon sizes, but why use cookie-cutter dimensions? After all, everyone has different preferences and you want those icons to work for you, not for "the standard user".

To dynamically resize all of the icons and shortcuts on your desktop, just single click one of them. At this point, you’ll need a mouse with a scroll wheel: simply hold down your keyboard CTRL key and use your mouse wheel to increase or decrease the size of the icons. Here’s a before and after of two icons on my Vista desktop:

Vista_icons_1_1 Vista_icons_2_1

If the standard sizes don’t cut it on in your Vista environment, try this trick to resize ’em. On a smaller screen device with a touchscreen, this can really come in handy. 31 days, 14 hours, 15 minutes and 30 seconds left….29….28…..27…..

1 Comment

Fred Beiderbecke

Thanks for that tip. The default size of the icons seems too big for my tastes. I was wondering how to do that.

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