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A Compilation of VC And M&A Deals In Digital Media In 2006

The year 2006 definitely hasn’t been a bad year for the Indian digital media business from the POV of venture capital and merger and acquisitions. There were as many as 26 venture capital deals publicly announced. That has brought in about $175 million in VC money alone in 2006. The M&A has also been picking up with more than a dozen deals while the most of figures are undisclosed. Here is a quick compilation.

Key VC deals in the Indian digital media and technology sector
1. iJive

5 Responses to “A Compilation of VC And M&A Deals In Digital Media In 2006”

  1. Sibi Mathews

    Can anyone access the deal size of 3i Infotech with its aquisitions of these firms as well as the bankers that were involved. Do you know any specific site ( if such available to access that information):

    Target Company Acquirer
    aok in-house BPO Services Ltd 3i Infotech
    aok in-house Factoring Services Pvt Ltd. 3i Infotech
    KNM Services Private Ltd. 3i Infotech
    Professional Access 3i Infotech
    E-Enabled Services 3i Infotech
    Stex software 3i Infotech
    Corban Systems 3i Infotech
    Rhyme Systems 3i Infotech
    Edgeware Technologies 3i Infotech
    G4 Technologies 3i Infotech
    Delta Services 3i Infotech
    Datacons 3i Infotech
    WhizInfo Technologies 3i Infotech
    SDG Software 3i Infotech
    Formulaware 3i Infotech
    Business Solutions 3i Infotech
    Distinctive Solutions 3i Infotech

    Dunn Solutions Cranes Software
    LatentZero Fidessa
    TAP Solutions Asset Control
    SmartQuant technology Quant House
    Syndesis Subex Azure
    Institutional Shareholder Services RiskMetrics Group
    TKS-Teknosoft TCS
    Cameron Systems Orc Systems
    Rufus(Bank of NY) Bravura Solutions
    Valubond, Inc., Knight Capital Group
    Anvil Software ION Trading
    Mantas (US based) iFlex
    FNS (Australian based) TCS
    Hotspot FX, Inc Knight Capital Group
    Itellix (India based) Corpus
    Paloma Partners Management Company JP Morgan
    Worldwide Securities