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2007, Year of the Widget

TIME magazine’s man of the year is “You” and if that is the case, then widget is a good way to express yourself. Newsweek is declaring 2007 “Year of the Widget.”

Of course with Leopard and Vista almost around the corner, it is hard not to get enthusiastic about the future of widgets. Gabe Dorfman, a Microsoft product manager is predicting a widget boom. Yahoo, MySpace, AOL, and scores of others are part of this “atomization of web” movement. “The Google personal homepage is the fastest-growing Google product,” Marissa Mayer tells Newsweek, “This market is going to be very large.”

I have been following the widget space for some time, though have not written much lately. I have some thoughts percolating on the subject, and they would eventually materialize here on the blog. Niall Kennedy has been publishing some nice widget related pieces on his blog.

Meanwhile, it seems Clearspring Technologies, a Arlington, VA start-up building a widget syndication platform has received funding from Novak Biddle.

12 Responses to “2007, Year of the Widget”

  1. As long that the install is easy and the said widget does something “actually useful” then I think we will see more adoption.

    P.S. Sorry about the pom-poms following me, I actually found this article interesting and wanted to share my thoughts.


  2. let me personally invite you to self-promote somewhere else.

    i still believe the day of the widget is a long way off due to the lack of technical infrastructure/standards/etc.

  3. Dal and Khang.

    Since you are both interested in building widgets, let me personally invite you to try out the API for SpringWidgets.

    It’s freely avalable for download at

    They not only work on the desktop like Konfabulator and Apple widgets, but also on a MySpace profile or blog.

    Happy Widgeting!


  4. Om,

    I am going to have to agree with you on this. The PC Desktop have been one of the most valuable and fiercely contested spaces of the last 30 years. Fortunes have been won and lost targeting this space. Now that we have Google, Yahoo!, OSX and Vista supporting widgets I think it will be a very hot territory. Personally I have used a weather widget for some time. I think it might be time to make my own widget :)