What Did You Buy From iTunes For Christmas?


As has been reported in a few places, iTunes seemed to be a hot item destination this Holiday season. The iTunes Store got hit pretty heavily from what was presumably a load of gift cards and new iPod users looking for songs to stock up on. This has been the 3rd season in a row that Apple’s iPod dominated the market for must have gifts.

So what music did you decide to buy for your iPod? I got an iTunes gift card from my sister and I am trying to decide what to use it for. The thing about iTunes is that it’s so easy to buy the music you want, you just grab it without thinking much about it…so currently I’m out of ideas for what to get!


Dan Diemer

I got a $25 card and got the new Ok Go album, and also bought Brenda Lee’s “I’m Sorry” last night. It helped me resolve a fight with my wife, not bad for $0.99


I got a $15 iTunes card for buying a couple of CDs from Best Buy. I’m not sure what I will use it on. I don’t care for their 128Kbps audio files.


i got a gift card from my parents this holiday season and a friend equaling out to 50 bucks. I got the new Dead Poetic, Dustin Kensrue (of Thrice), Mute Math, Owen, and Every New Day. I’m totally stoked for all of them!

Chris Ryan

MIchael –


1. Create a new playlist, call it ‘Consider Buying’
2. Goto the iTunes Store, search for something: Example ‘Thriller’
3. Find the song you like in the list that gets displayed, then select and drag it to the ‘Consider Buying’ playlist.
4. Open the ‘Consider Buying’ Playlist. You can buy it right there!

Michael Napier

Chris, how do you drag songs that you want to purchase into a playlist?

Chris Ryan

Got several gift cards…

I keep a “play list” that I name “Consider Buying” where I drag things that I want to purchase in a later date.

Got 2 games for my new iPod… Mini-Golf and Bejeweled.

Don’t think I’ll get any movies, may get some TV Shows…

BTW, has anyone notice that Apple removes some Music Videos. For example, I have ‘Wind of Change’ but it is no longer available on iTunes. Weird. Not sure why they do that.

Gerald Buckley

Mr. Santilli – I was gifted a card too. Bought a LOT of music among the songs are several French Pop songs (try Keren Ann… good stuff) and The Incredibles movie. Have $4.07 after my spending spree… not enough to nab the latest Battlestar Galactica… DRAT!

Chris Parker

Finally got around to getting the brilliant albums by Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly and The Fratellis since nobody got me any CDs for Christmas…

Highly recommend the both of them.

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