UREN V1 unboxing: UltraMobileLife

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Bjorn got his paws on the UREN V1 Mobile Auto PC and provides the obligatory unboxing ceremony for all to see. Those of you in the U.S. might want to watch this because Bjorn is thinking that we won’t see this device here, although with importers like iCube and Dynamism, you never know.

The UREN V1 is a Via C-7 based (1.5 GHz) handheld that runs Windows XP (embedded if I recall); it sports a 7-inch touchscreen, 30 GB drive and integrated GPS making it very usable as a "car-puter". It’s worth noting that unlike the current UMPCs on the market, this unit is all screen; there’s a small bezel around the screen and no interface buttons at all. The screen looks to reflect quite a bit of glare as well; for an Auto PC, I’d love to see a view-anywhere display.

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Philip Ferris

If the company ever wanted to “do a Microsoft” and send some out I might be an appropriate choice.

For 80 years, in this part of Cornwall, our family business was Uren’s Ice Cream.



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