MSM Ignores Edwards’ YouTube Debut

While John Edwards’ pre-announcement of his candidacy on YouTube Wednesday night has online video enthusiasts excited, vloggers are learning today what newsy bloggers have come to expect — when you scoop the mainstream media, don’t expect them to recognize the feat.

Perhaps it’s a bit of insider baseball and semantic nitpicking, but scanning the mainstream reports today finds them in lockstep agreement that Edwards first announced his candidacy Thursday at the scripted press events, and not in the Rocketboom-filmed YouTube post that went live Wednesday night.

Some of the MSM accounts do reference the fact that Edwards’ official campaign Web site went live briefly Wednesday by mistake, a story reported by the Associated Press. But a quick scan of reports from the Wall Street Journal (via the AP), the New York Times, Reuters and the Washington Post make no mention of the YouTube clip. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, vloggers! As long as Google’s servers stay up, we’ll always have New Orleans!

Bottom line? Ain’t no link love in the big time.


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