Latin America Gets Wii Strap Replacements


As we’ve discussed in the past, the Nintendo Wii has a had a few problems with faulty wrist straps. In fact, the Wii may be responsible for more sports injuries than actual sports, nowadays. The website Wii Have A Problem documents injuries that were received in pursuit of the perfect swing, or the final strike in the tenth frame. In a move to protect themselves as well as the tender flesh of their customers, Nintendo has offered free replacement straps to United States Wii owners.

Now, as it would seem, the offer extends to gamers in Latin America as well. According to Viva Nintendo, Nintendo sent out a newsletter offering replacements that can be obtained from the official Nintendo stores. The official start date for the offer is January 15th.

These newer straps are thicker and more robust than those originally included with the console. The problem area with the original strap was the small bit of cord that connected the actual wristband to the controller. During play, if the controller left a player’s hand at a certain velocity, the cord could snap and fail to prevent the Wiimote from flying into an unexpecting television or loved one.

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