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HD-DVD DRM Cracked

It was only ever a matter of time — while difficult to confirm, it looks like the AACS DRM meant to protect HD-DVDs (and Blu-Ray disks) from unlicensed copying has been cracked. The tale of Muslix64 is particularly entertaining, as is the rockin’ YouTube movie demonstrating the command line program in action.

December 6:

I just bought a HD-DVD drive to plug on my PC, and a HD movie, cool! But when I realized the 2 software players on windows don’t allowed me to play the movie at all, because my video card is not HDCP compliant and because I have a HD monitor plugged with DVI interface, I started to get mad… This is not what we can call “fair use”! So I decide to decrypt that movie. I start reading the AACS specification I have found on the net. I estimate it will take me about 4 weeks of full time job to decrypt that. I was wrong, it was in fact, easy…

In order to watch a copy of Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, someone went from frustrated customer to DRM cracker in what appears to be a few days. While it’s clearly an advanced-user method at this point, it could be the start of something bigger. According to the reports, the crack is an open source Java application, and it’s been tested with the external XBox 360 HD-DVD drive. Engadget is testing the crack. An update to version 1.0 has been announced for Jan. 2.