Dell upgrades ROM for Axim X50, X50v


Dell_x50vPerhaps the rumor of the Dell PDA demise is a bit overstated: the company officially released a ROM upgrade for the X50-series handheld yesterday. You can find information and downloads for the three different device ROMs (X50 – low, X50 – medium, X50v) directly at the Dell site and there are several Aximsite threads covering questions and user experiences. According to Dell, this Windows Mobile 5 ROM dubbed A02 provides:

1.OS 5.1.195(Build 14957.2.3.1)
2.Wireless roaming enhancement.
3.Improve CF memory card sometimes disappear.
4.CF modem driver improvement.
5.Microphone recording enhancement
6.ActiveSync connection improvement.

As with any ROM update, you definitely want to backup your device first and then ensure that it’s plugged in to an external power source before performing the ROM flash. The easiest way to brick a handheld is to have the power die on you in mid-flash! Thanks for the tip from our unofficial-UK-man-in-the field: Phil.

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