Crossover Works Really Well


My Father in Law has been telling me about Crossover (from Codeweavers) for a couple months now. I haven’t had the opportunity to check it out until last night when I downloaded it for the first time.

Apparently it’s a good time, as I saw today over at TUAW that it’s just been updated and sports several new enhancements. Ignorance is bliss, eh? Anyway, I’m really enjoying the ease of use that Crossover offers.

I fired it right up and chose the option to select a program to install from the included list of apps. I didn’t have to go out and find downloadable installers or anything, it just does it all for you. In a few minutes I had IE 6 installed, and a minute or two later I was running IE 6 in a stand alone window, with very little overhead on my CPU.

I wrote recently about (the oft covered) Parallels, and I really liked it. But the beauty of Crossover is that you don’t need to start up an entire virtual OS. At least it’s another alternative to try. For now it’s only a 60 day trial. You’ll have to pay for Crossover when it goes prime time down the road.


Nick Santilli

Reb –
well I tested one item just to see how it worked. And for ME, IE6 is useful. Of course I’d rather use Safari or FF for daily browsing, but having the ability to check IE – there are some websites (for my work, for instance) that just won’t work outside IE – without having to fire up something like Parallels is great. It is free for now, so go right ahead and test whatever is most useful for you.

There’s a compatibility listing here


I’ve had great luck running the betas though I’m only using it to run IE 6 to check websites I’m developing. For my purposes CrossOver is much better than Parallels or Bootcamp. I don’t want or need to run Windows XP, just IE 6.

I agree that the install of the app as well as IE 6 was quick and easy. As of now IE 7 not available, hopefully soon.

I’ll be buying a license soon.

Reb Guthrie

IE 6?? Pertinent for the few folks that develop web content and need to verify IE function etc, but just a novelty for the rest of us (who’d use Safari or FF). How about testing Crossover on unique Windows apps like Project or Autocad, or even some other less costly but still Win-only app.? That’s where these virtualization apps will be helpful — not running Office 2003 or similar…

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