A Free Game to Help Sell a Game?


Does anyone remember when the PS2 came out, and there was this game called Zone of the Enders? Not really ringing any bells? Well, how about this: it was the game that included the demo of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. Zone of the Enders, while it had its fans, didn’t sell nearly as many copies off of its own merits than as it did because it came out shortly after launch and was packaged with that demo. It would seem that maybe Microsoft is trying to find a little bit of that magic as well.

Crackdown, a game by Realtime Worlds, is about a futuristic society where the world is on the verge of anarchy and the only saviors are genetically-altered super-cops (the player) that wage an all out war on crime. The game looks interesting enough, but what’s really grabbed everyone’s attention is an ad for Crackdown in the latest issue of GamePro. In the bottom corner of this ad is caption “Includes Invitation to Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta”, and then in fine print, “Limited Time Offer- Look for Specially Marked Boxes!”

If this is the case, then Crackdown may become a stunning success if you just look at the numbers, but there’s a fair chance that all we’ll see is stacks of the game sitting in the used sections of all of our favorite game stores. It’s a strange marketing ploy that, while it will work, doesn’t really instill any sort of faith in the actual product. Hey, who knows, maybe Crackdown will be good and people will keep it… then again, I sold my copy of Zone of the Enders within a week.


Sami Majadla

I actually loved ZOE, and got ZOE2 when it came out… it was a great game! i don’t know why you don’t like it… it got amazing reviews! it had great gameplay, a wonderful storyline (even besting several final fantasies), some of the best graphics on the PS2 (thinking more of ZOE2 here), and a fantastic versus mode! the only thing wrong with the game is it’s length; it can be beaten in a couple of hours… but really, this game is magnificent! why the hell would you sell it within a week?

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