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That’s Just A Shame

Apple’s been riding high for so long, they had to be knocked-down a peg sooner or later. News from Forbes is that some former Execs from Apple may have forged documents that would effect the stock options pay-out. While Apple is cooperating with the SEC, Steve Jobs has obtained private counsel from that provided by Apple Computer Corporation.

The stock price of Apple shares has tumbled 5% in just one day from this news. Hopefully information released in a couple weeks at MacWorld will bolster the Stocks and bring it back to an upward tilt once again.


2 Responses to “That’s Just A Shame”

  1. NRF – Can you really have TOO MUCH egg nog? I don’t think so.
    Actually saw it pop up on my Google Finance page this afternoon when I finally got a few minutes away from work (darn paying the bills comes first). Then saw it in my TUAW feeds as well.

    But good news on both points there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nick –

    Check the markets before you make your post… Analysts came out and said 1) the fears are overblown, and 2) Jobs has, worst case, a 5% chance of being implicated. Apple shares recovered and ended the day essentially unchanged.

    You are about 8 hours behind on this story there buddy…too much eggnog perhaps?