TAB Giveaway Ending Soon


I hope everyone’s holidays have been full of family and fun! My wife and I are currently making the rounds here in the Dirty South (Mississippi). We initially were supposed to fly out of Denver but a small blizzard (ie. 6 feet of snow) cancelled that and we ended up driving for 20 hours down here to see our family. I’m presently sitting in the parking lot of a McAllister’s Deli snagging some free Wi-Fi to post this. :)

At any rate, the huge giveaway for the Community will be coming to a close very soon and I wanted to give curious minds a few more details on how things would finish up.

At exactly 12:00AM MST on January 1, 2007 the contest will end. Any posts made in the community after that won’t count towards your “entries.” The contest is officially over at this point.

Now, the biggest question so far has been concerning the selection process of who wins what. What we’ll do is over the first couple of days of January we’ll randomly select 49 winners and then sift through those to make sure they qualify to win (no bogus posts, etc etc). THEN, and here’s the kicker, WE WILL POST THE WINNERS AT EXACTLY JANUARY 4, 2007 AT 10:00AM MST. It will be a list of 49 users from the community. THEN, those 49 people will send an email to us with their top 3 choices (in order) of the prize they want. It will be first come, first serve as far as what you win.

So, you don’t need to completely digest all of those details right now, the main thing you need to keep in mind is when we will be posting the winner so you can know if you’ve won and when to send your prize choices.

The Winner Announcement post will have most of the details again, so no worries. Just keep that announcement time in mind.

Thanks everybody and I look forward to getting back in to the swing of things once we’re back in town!

Happy Holidays!



Will the email address be posted along with the winners list?

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