PS3 Demo Kiosks Are Freezing Up On Purpose?

It’s not a myth that any piece of hardware, no matter how small or efficient, will eventually lock up under the right conditions. One of the most common conditions for a hardware failure is heat, and it will do it every time. Most people have seen the demo kiosks that the console companies ship out to stores to show off their latest and greatest inventions. Well, the poblem with these kiosks is that they’re not always well ventilated. This kind of poor construction or oversight leads to quite a few lock-ups and system failures, which is never good for the customer’s perception of your product. However, Sony has taken this to a new high – they PURPOSELY make the PS3 fail so that people won’t waste all day staring at it.

No, I’m not making this up. Nick Brutal of Destructiod noticed a Sony Retail Representative at an EB Games and decided to ask him why he had seen so many PS3s locking up. Surprisingly, the Sony Rep told him it was supposed to crash so that people wouldn’t spend all day playing the PS3. The Sony representative had the following to say:

“We do that so that people won’t play it all day long. Specifically during Motorstorm, we made it freeze up a lot.”

Now that’s good PR! I think Mr. Brutal summed it up the best:

“So, if you’re sitting at home and your console locks up on you or your Bluetooth controllers aren’t performing the way they should be, don’t worry about it. It might be on purpose.”


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