Pay those NYC parking violations on-line



I filed this under "Cool Stuff" because it is, but it took all my willpower to do it. See, this post cost me $115 in parking violation fines, but here at jkOTR, we’re always willing to take one for the readers and find all the mobile tech news you can use.

About two weekends ago, we took the kids somewhere they’d never been: New York City. It was a long day of travel but we got there safe and sound via various bridges and tunnels, which seemed to the be highlight of the trip for them. The lowlight had to be the parking ticket I received about a block from "Ground Zero", which was a $115 violation. Other cars were parked there, but somehow I won the ticket lottery in the 20 minutes the vehicle was there. I was about to mail the ticket and payment in today, when I noticed that you can pay on-line at the NYC Department of Finance site. What a great resource!


The site is very easy to navigate and I did a lookup of my ticket just to see how it worked. Yes, I have the paper copy, but hey, I’m getting my $115 worth, ‘k? I found my ticket along with a detailed explanation of the violation and even found a PDF image of the ticket; something I can print and frame for posterity now. Actually, they can keep the PDF image shown below. For my money, I’m framing the original! Kudos to NYC for watching those unlawfully parked vehicles and for providing a simple and effective mobile way to pay for thy transgressions…




You really must abide to the signs when parking at NYC or you can expect the lottery tickets to subsidize for the extra security. Worse is if your car is towed to the Westside impound lot. You are lucky the trucks didn’t make their rounds on your block. The cars you see are probably parked illegally there by cops who have a paper telling their commodre to look the other way.

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