It IS the Nokia N93i on the FCC site



Several sites are reporting that a new Nokia phone has surfaced on the FCC site but they can’t tell for sure if this is the rumored Nokia N93i. All of the documentation appears to show a model number "N00", but if you check the last PDF attachment here (shown above), you’ll see that this is a brief User Guide Supplement indicating the model is the Nokia N93i! I’m convinced!

This upgrade to the Nokia N93 offers the same high-quality 3.2 megapixel shooter with Carl Zeiss optics and includes integrated Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g WiFi. The real question at this point is: what features are upgraded from the N93? The FCC has the November draft of the manual here if you’ve got nothing else to read today. Looks like we’ve got a etched keypad for starters…and the User’s Guide Supplement indicates a lower res secondary camera at the top left of the device, near the speaker below.


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