Where to Find Good Video: Megite and Tailrank


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: online video discovery can be a challenge. Now, in the vein of Digg, StumbleUpon, and newcomers like Viral Video Chart, memetracking sites Megite and Tailrank are adding video sections. Both sites portray online conversations by clustering related and linked-to stories and blog posts, and are hoping the same techniques will surface relevant videos.

Megite and Tailrank are constantly nipping at each other’s heels, especially as far as press coverage goes. When Matthew Chen of Megite emailed us about their upcoming video tab, we asked Kevin Burton of Tailrank if he had anything in that category up his sleeve. Sure, he replied, video was near release. In fact, he’d push out a version tonight!

We include screenshots from pre-release versions of both services below. One thing Tailrank is doing nicely is including video alongside relevant stories in its existing categories, rather than just separating it out. Both companies say their video capabilities will be publicly available in the very near future. Update: Tailrank Video link, Megite Video link.

Megite Tailrank


Liz Gannes

Sorry Kevin, my comment was for Kevin of Technorati. I should have been more specific!

Kevin Burton

Hey Liz.

Actually we do support other sites other than Youtube but they have SUCH a large marketshare that they kind of dominate.

Liz Gannes

Thanks Kevin, that’s a really useful feature. Do you have plans to do this for sites other than YouTube?


well there are so many video sharing sites nowadays.i really hope to see some good videos.
and thanks for the links.
next time try keepv.com to download these videos please.

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