Cingular Does the MySpace hardsell


Cingular is pushing its new MySpace deal pretty aggressively. I’m a Cingular subscriber and this weekend I received a “WAP-push” marketing message for the MySpace mobile application. The message included a link to a WAP site where I can download and purchase the MySpace java application. The subject of the message is “Cingular FreeMsg.”

I was already signed up for MySpace SMS alerts on my Cingular service, so that is likely why I received the message. It is not clear if the marketing campaign is more wide spread and we are waiting to hear back from Cingular on this.

The WAP marketing campaign is interesting because mobile startups are wondering about the effectiveness of WAP push messages and their ability to get cell phone users to download mobile applications. Of course there are some who see them as an annoyance. Cingular includes the note “Send STOP to 2401 to end mrktg msgs.”

Like we said before, the MySpace mobile application and a campaign like this will go far in educating cell phone users about the mobile web and mobile content. And if Cingular fails to get enough users for its MySpace app, then we probably know that this mobile content thing isn’t exactly working yet.



I’ve heard a lot of stories that this is already being implemented. Maybe the best thing that you can do is to contact your customer service.


Bit of a technical correction: Not to split hair here, but what you received was an SMS with a URL in it. WAP Push wouldn’t be the vehicle of choice for such marketing campaigns.

Happy New Year.

JT Allison

I too am a Cingular subscriber and haven’t received any sms alerts from Cingular.

BTW though, Cingular always puts “Cingular FreeMsg” whenever they send out alerts. I assume its to not alarm the person receiving it incase they dont have an sms package.

Chris Ackermann

I’m a Cingular subscriber that hasn’t signed up for the MySpace SMS alerts and I haven’t received any WAP push messages promoting the application.

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