EA Expects Top-Selling Game Honors; World Shocked


Anyone who is faint of heart, please find a seat. Electronic Arts has announced that it believes that, of all things, Madden NFL is going to take the honor of highest selling game for the year of 2006. This news is doubly shocking, since EA won exclusive rights to the NFL players and teams. Before that purchase, EA had to contend with the cheaper, and more critically acclaimed, 2K sports series. In America, owning exclusive NFL rights is like being Tina Turner in Thunderdome – no one likes you, but they have to take whatever you give them, because hey, Thunderdome. Saying that Madden NFL ’07 is going to sell more copies is like saying, “hey, the sun is going to rise tomorrow!”

According to this Business Wire release, Madden NFL ’07 sold two million copies in its first week, and has sold a total of five million total over ten different consoles. Combine the sales of Madden with the extremely popular FIFA franchise, and you have quite a bit of money coming in for EA. Todd Sitrin, VP of Marketing for EA Sports, had this to say about the holiday sales:

“Madden NFL 07 is the must-have game for players to realize the full power of the new systems like the Wii, PLAYSTATION3 and Xbox 360. EA’s Tiburon Studio has once again set the bar for innovation and consumers have responded. This has been an amazing holiday season for Madden NFL 07.”


Jason McMaster

EA definitely needs to innovate more and stop trying to rob peoples on the backend with the “pay to play” unlocks or there’s going to be problems.

Eric B

I predict a downswing in sales of Madden 2008. There’s been a growing level of angst leveled at that franchise (and EA – see its handling of XBLA content) for a number of years now and I think next year is the year we actually see it affect retail sales.

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