DLA401, DNA 500: a pair of digital note-takers


Dna500sg160These products might be old, but I noticed a press release earlier today about UC-Logic’s digital note takers in the LaPazz line. The DLA401 and DNA 500 are standalone digital notepads with integrated flash memory: like similar products in this line, you write on paper, but the keystrokes are digitally captured and can be transferred over to a host notebook or desktop. The DNA 500 also doubles as a pen tablet for your computer.

Common features / specs:

– Record handwritten notes or diagrams and transfer a digital copy to a PC for viewing, editing, or sharing by e-mail
– Take meeting minutes or lecture notes electronically
– Use D-Note in cases  where both a hard and a soft copy is required (police and medical records, etc.)
– Capture signatures and store a digital copy for authentication
– USB 1.1 interface
– Portrait and landscape support


Both units include the integrated 32 MB of flash memory and run on 4 AAA batteries. Each comes with a Digital Organizer software application shown above to view and edit your notes on the host PC. You can save your handwritten text in various file formats (JPG, BMP and PDF to name a few).



Is the ability to use the DNA 500 as a PC pen tablet the only main difference between the two ?

This sounds like an interesting alternative to a tablet pc.

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