Brother’s MPrint MW-260 wireless printer


Mw260This thin and flat little number from Brother only prints on post-card sized A6 paper, but in addition to the USB connection, you can print without wires thanks to the integrated Bluetooth and Infrared support. According to Akihabara News, the MW-260 weighs about a pound and measures in at a small 160x210x18.5mm. The pint-sized printer supports printing from a Windows PC or a Windows Mobile 2003 or better handheld device.

Since the product page is in Japanese, I’m not seeing if the unit has a rechargeable battery for full portability or not, and I also see something about printing from a BREW-capable phone; at least that’s what it looks like. We’ll know for sure in March of 2007 when the product expects to launch.



Well I read the Japanese and it did not mention the power source for the printer
But I think it does have an internal battery source. Printer of that size would not consume a lot of power.

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