Hugo gets too close to his UMPC


Hugo Ortega gets to use more devices than anyone I know and his latest adventures has him using both a Samsung Q1 and the Asus R2H. It’s always fun reading his thoughts on the latest gadget, even though it appears he is off for the holidays.   His latest missive shows he’s gone a bit too for off the UMPC deep end, though. Just take a look at this direct quote from this post:


Now does that sound normal to you? :)



I was just going to say I’m in bed reading this, too. But, um, details not worth charging for.

Anton P. Nym

“Now does that sound normal to you? ”

Very. I’m curled up with mine as I write this. I’d go into more detail, except that for some reason I have this impulse to charge $1.99 per minute to do so…

— Steve

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