Fujitsu P1610 keyboard epiphany


The integrated keyboard on the Fujitsu P1610 is very undersized as I’ve mentioned before.  When I first starting using Miyagi I only used the keyboard for very short work, like quick emails, etc.  The more I’ve used it however, the easier I am finding it to do longer pieces using the keyboard.  I had an epiphany a few days ago that has turned my thinking around about the small keyboard on Miyagi.  I found myself in a client office when I remembered that I had neglected to write and send a report to another client that I had promised.  This is a big no no for me as I pride myself in always fulfilling my promises to clients so I knew I had to knock the report out right away.

Without even thinking about it I swiveled the P1610 screen around into laptop configuration and I just started writing the 3 page report.  Maybe it was not thinking too much about how small the keyboard is or maybe it was just that I’ve gotten used to using it but in fifteen minutes I had written the report and sent it.  I didn’t find it to be a chore, on the contrary it was just as easy as using the external keyboard I carry for longer writing sessions.  The reason doesn’t matter though as I was able to write the report quickly, proofread it and send it in just a few minutes.  I have to tell you it felt really good.

Here’s a bonus photo of Miyagi at my desk at Big Oil Company, note that the two external monitors are driven by a Dell laptop off the screen and not by the P1610:

P1610 at work

That’s the BatteryGeek Portable Power Station on the left charging the internal battery in Miyagi.  The Verizon EV-DO card is sticking out of the PC Card slot on the left side of the Tablet PC.  BTW, this photo was taken using the camera on the XV6700 phone from within OneNote Mobile, which then synced automatically into OneNote on Miyagi.  I am using this a lot to capture important images and even documents on the run.



Ha! I’d been hoping you’d discover how easy it is to type for extended periods on the P1610, James. I’m glad you did. I’m very satisfied with mine — it’s my principal device now. Looking forward to getting Fujitsu’s Vista driver disk so I can make the jump to Vista.


My P1610 is on the second delivery from Greenland, due to arrive early January.

I echo those words. I am writing this on a Q1 that I bought due to what you and Kevin have posted about it. The Q1 was my most expensive PC purchase ever. Then you posted about the P1610 and I have now ordered one of those. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t buy everything that you post about! :)

But you do influence my purchases due to the way you both post real world experiences and views. That’s what I want to read about.

Great work this year (and to Matt on the podcast) – I’ll be coming back for more next year complete with a new toy!


Will, the X1 has a 12″ screen while the P1610 has a 8.9″ widescreen so the keyboards are probably close in size but I’ll bet the Fujitsu’s is a tad smaller.

Will Ginn

jk, I have older Dell X1 with a small keyboard. I too have large hands and I got to where I can type real well on it. If you have seen the X1, how would the P1610 keyboard compare?
I am in the market for a new unit. The X60t does have my eye right now.



Yep thanks to your videos I have a p1610 waiting for me under the christmas tree. Merry Christmas!

Mike Cane

>>ripping hair out of head<<

Fiend! Fiend! Fiend!

How can you tempt me like this?

Oh wait.

That’s right.

I asked for more about the 1610 in an email.

Never mind…


Thanks for the kind words and we’re very glad you find benefit from all the work we do here on jkOTR.


Good catch, Tax Man. I only carry the BG battery if I’m going to spend most of the day at Big Oil Co. I use it as a power adapter in that setting.

Tax Man

Hmm…I thought you’d stopped carrying the Battery Geek with you because the extended battery on the Fuji was giving you all the life you needed. One of the things I enjoy about your blog is the way you describe your use of technology in your real job. Most of us have to make a bit of long term commitment when we buy a piece of gear, so it doesn’t do us a lot of good to constantly read about people ditching last week’s gear for the latest thing every week. Reviews of new gear are nice, but your continuing theme of how to actually use this stuff and various accessories to make tasks easier or more enjoyable is what keeps me coming back. Thanks to you and Kevin for some terrific content this year. I would have never bought the Q1 if it hadn’t been for Kevin’s videos and detailed usage scenarios offered by you both. As a result, the Q1 is my favorite Windows device of all time. Have a great holidays and a fantastic new year!

Tax Man

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