SofaTube: Big Idea, One ‘Small’ Problem

A browser-based interface for viewing YouTube and Revver clips on your television set is what SofaTube promises to deliver. The user experience is super-simple, with fonts big enough to read at a distance. It certainly shows that there’s still plenty of untapped potential for third-party interface and aggregator applications to be developed on top of YouTube and other sites’ video collections.
So what’s the small problem? I haven’t seen someone sitting on a couch with a wireless keyboard since my dad tried in vain to install a Microsoft WebTV eight years ago this Christmas. As a proof of concept, SofaTube is fantastic. And as Om points out, it could also be a handy site to keep in mind for the Nintendo Wii or PS3 — but the idea of writing ‘lonelygirl15′ in the air with a Wii-mote is making my arms tired.

This is one of those, “Could be genius, could be Dot Boom 2.0 punchline in ten years” calls that I’m not prepared to make right now.


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