Off Next Week; Happy Holidays & Here's To Busy '07

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Well, so ends this year, at least for us at work officially. That was fun, thanks to all of you. You kept us busy and helped us grow. We were barely three people when the year started, now we’re exactly 15. In the first month of ’07, those of us in LA will move into a formal office…yep, will have more details on that when we’re finalized there.
Some big stuff coming down the pipeline from us: our April 26th EconSM conference, more mixers, new products, more news & analysis, more countries, and some surprises too.
Speaking of surprises, no one saw YouTube coming in 2006…I didn’t. What’ll be big in 2007? Here was my contribution in response to an LAT journalist query: 2007 will be the breakout year for the talent that will come out of these social media services.
Anyway, we’ll be closed next week, barring some breaking news, and occasional posts. Happy holidays. Thanks for a wonderful 2006, y’all.

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Greg C.

Happy Holidays and congratulations to everyone at PaidContent.Org! Great job this year and we look forward to more good things to come in ’07.

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