Mobile Lounge caters to techno-savvy

Starbucks hit a winning formula a few years ago when they started catering to the working crowd by teaming up with T-Mobile to put WiFi hotspots in most of their shops.  The array of laptops you see in any Starbucks on a given day shows they were right in doing so.  A new coffee shop has recently opened up in downtown Birmingham that looks to take that formula and push it to a new limit.  The Mobile Lounge is geared to immerse patrons in techno-services and atmosphere while dishing out good coffee and scones.  The new venture hopes that techno-savvy patrons will flock to the Lounge with their cell phones, PDAs and notebooks.

Customers at the Mobile Lounge can download ring tones and wallpaper, print pictures off their camera or cell phone, download tunes for their MP3 or iPodplayer and select a new phone or music device with the help of trained staff. They can hook a laptop computer to the ample electric outlets and watch a parade of customers come and go while enjoying a latte and scone on red leather couches.

Finally, a coffee shop that understands me.  :)  I hope the Mobile Lounge is successful and we start seeing more of this type of coffee shop.  What do you think, should there be a jkOnTheRun Coffee Emporium?

(via the Detroit News)


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