Last Tiger Update May Drop Soon


It’s been 3 months since Apple updated OS X.4, and now there’s news that 10.4.9 is about to be seeded to developers. Obviously this will be the last update to Apple’s operating system before Leopard drops sometime in 2007.

So what can be read from this? Well we could assume that since the last update is just now being seeded, the final release may yet bee a couple of weeks out. So does that mean 10.5 is still a ways off? Possibly. But I suspect it’s more a case of Apple doing right by its customers who won’t jump on Leopard right away. There will still be many private consumers and businesses staying on the known/steady 10.4 platform for a while.

With Macworld starting little more than 2 weeks from now, we’ll clearly be hearing some Leopard details. Release date? I’m hoping for no later than Q1 2007. But what do I know. In the meantime I suppose we’ll have 10.4.9 to tide us over…



To: Nick
From: Apple
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007, 00:00:00 -0700
Subject: RE: “Obviously”
Dear Sir,
Pwnt. That is all.
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former apple evangelist

Its too damn stupid out of apple doing things like this. First you all forgot how was your responsiveness on your g3’s.. I have g3 desktop b/w 10.3 and powerbook g4 laptop 10.4.
G3 is way faster and operational concerning graphics. 8mb pci vs 16 mb agp. There is deffinitely something wrong with apple drivers for ati cards, or something wrong with the graphic server at all. I personally dont believe in stories that apple decided to pull of support for dvd player since anyone running linux once can recognise problems with the overlay. if apple decided to shut down dvd player it just wont be there… if likewise, there are lots of smart ways saying users during install of 10.4 that their dvd player wont play dvds. So at the end its a big mess up putting all that intel support and bunch of graphic card drivers. And its not just that… south and northbridges are in exsistence, suddenly all different from what apple sold as “if youre serious about software you should build your own hardware” .Im not saying that it cant be done… im just saying that apple cant handle it. They are just producing lots of unsatisfied customers… ITS 2007 APPLE… and your customers dont expect out of your hardware to control NASA flights, they expecs at least what they had. Let me remind you, newer operating systems should have more features than the previous versions, or im just babbling having a fever!? Buy a car, after a month go change your oil, and let the manufacturer pull out your injection saying he decided to do so. I see many of you with a baseball desire… and look on ebay thousands of dollars for used old refurbished obsolete… a keyboard key 4 $…. iphone iphone iphone…. it can run osx app. I wonder how can that piece of .. plastic run osx when hardware ment to run osx cannot run it. Cheers!

C. Clover

I hope there’s something after 10.4.9 because now that I have it…on my 12″ PB G4 867Mhz

I used software update to update to 10.4.9. Startup is slow. Apps are slow. Classic loads slowly or not at all and many Classic apps. no longer work or quit. Spotlight has problems or will not work at all. The top menu bar has problems, menus will flash briefly but will not stay up in order to select anything–ergo, I cannot access airport, sync, sound, battery, language, time, bluetooth, user or spotlight without restarting repeatedly. This update has been a total disaster. My iMac G5 2Ghz is also having problems with this update.


I’m freeeee, freeeeeeeeee! Amazing that most of us have a little “ohmigod! it’s a decimal 9!” stuff going on even if we know better. Particular thanks to Brian, OOmu, and Sten for posting above with humor. And anyone who doesn’t smile about all of this, start a 12-step program immediately, and Step 1 is buy a copy of Vista! It’ll get you through “denial” and “anger” very quickly… although it may complicate the “surrender to a higher authority” transition a bit, while you learn to accept virii & Trojans as a proxy God. Surrrrrrender….. Just a thought.


I think Apple would just add an additional “._” as in Mac OS X version “”. So that if there were an update after version 10.4.9 it would just be version “” and “” and so on. Just a thought…


Man, this is the intelligence level of mac users.
Arguing whether 10 reduces in a version number.


I just don’t have anything to say , but shrug. So it goes. Not much on my mind recently. I can’t be bothered with anything recently.


I sure hope the system requirements are within the reach of my 2 years old iBook, as I see no sense in upgrading/replacing the machine. It can do whatever I want it to do, so there is no need for me to spend lots of bucks (euro’s :) ) on a new mac.

I am, however, really willing to taste some of the sweets Leopard will bring us. But knowing Apple, it goes without saying that Leopard will run on a 12″ iBook. Moreover, it will speed up the damn machine! :)

Van Fruniken

Maybe it IS the last version.

Many times we have seen Apple include features, mostly as APIs, from the next major version in the very last update of a previous system.

This keeps users hapy who don’t upgrade to the next major release. It allows apple to let their apps run on that last update, as they evolve, e.g., so they can SELL them to users who don’t upgrade to the new major OSX version (example: iLife, maybe Safari, Disk Utility…).


the “.” in VERSION number of SOFTWARE is NOT a decimal point

it’s NOT a decimal number.

10.4.9 : it’s just version 10 (x) of mac os , 4th revision, nineth revision of the revision.

you could do 20.546.462.B.6 rev5 addenda967 release 1300 if you wanted. you are free, developpers are free, marketing folks are freEEEEe.

Some companies, as Sun, use more strange way to number their software (hello sun os 2.8 patch 43646432e456 , I mean solaris 8)

an other example, the linux kernel is, for now, at version 2.6.19 (19th revision of the 2.6 kernel architecture. 6th modification of the original linux 2 design )

it’s a freeeee world , free of the decimal rule !


10.4.10 can not be simplified sinde 10 cant be simplified.

I know some people have problems with this (and its possible Apple is aware of this and keeps away from it on purpose) but its considered okay to do it within the industry. Its really easy to learn to live with as well as long as you dont go on expecting 10.5 getting out the next week because 10.4.9 is here ;-)

Alex Becker

I just got a macbook and I’m considering updating to Leopard. But like Nick said I’m concerned that it will slow down my macbook.


No. It would not got to 10.4.91. The next version number would be 10.4.10 because that would be the 10th update to OS X v10.4.

As to the question of will we see 10.4.10 before Leopard? I don’t know, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see another update to 10.4.

Aaron Hoffman

lol @ Graham.

I hope you realize that 10.4.10, when simplified, remains 10.4.1. The only way for Apple to continue updating Tiger would be to go to numbers in the thousandth (counting the ‘four’ and ‘nine’) column, such as 10.4.91.

It’s a move that (correct me if I’m wrong) Apple *has* made before, but somehow I don’t find it likely, in this scenario.

Not trying to be a jerk in the first paragraph; it’s an easy mistake to make. Just reminding everyone out there of how it would go.

Eddie Hargreaves

It’s something you rarely hear about because Leopard’s system requirements haven’t been announced. Generally speaking, if your Macintosh is less than 5 years old, it will meet the minimum system requirements for the current operating system. It will certainly be supported if it’s less than 3 years old. The system requirements for the pre-release builds of Leopard call for G4, G5 or Intel Processor, built-in FireWire, DVD drive and 512MB RAM.


One thing us switcher are usually not aware of is that later OS work better on older machines.

I was stomped when hearing the Genius guy told me to put Tiger in my latop to improve it. My well trained Windows years raised all the usual flags, amongst which it would be a slow down of the system. I was surprised to hear the contrary.

Most people however will skip a version. 10.3.9 people like me didn’t flock to 10.4 and will likely go to 10.5 The question is, will my 12″, G4, 1.33ghz be enough? That’s something I rarely hear about.


How is it obvious that 10.4.9 is the last update? There *are* numbers higher than nine. No previous releases have gone to 10.x.10, but it’s not out of the question?

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