It’s “meme” time again and I’m it

00000101It’s kind of funny if you ask me. Bloggers by their nature and passion are about the most open group of people I can think of. Ironically, we keep finding ways to open up more and more. Just when you thought it was safe, you never know when you’re going to get tagged and have to share even MORE openness with the world!

I just got tagged; this time by Dave Zatz. The meme this time around is to share five things about yourself that most folks don’t know. I tend to share TMI more often than not, so this is actually a challenge for me. After much thought and in an effort to have you get to know me more than you probably want: here’s my five.

  • Like many folks back in the day, I took the SATs for college. One difference: I took ‘em 7 times, including one time in seventh-grade as an invite to a study by Johns-Hopkins University. Funny…I never heard about the results of that study.
  • Keeping with the good ‘ol high school memories: I set a school record in the 800m track event my junior year. The record stood for about 15 years when some faster whippersnapper doubled around the track in just under two minutes. Nice job, BTW!
  • As much I like my comfortable home office with complete connectivity, I thoroughly enjoy backpacking (not camping) for days at a time. Last hike: a 50-miler in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.
  • I once "lived" in a train station for 3 days and had to beg for money to get back to Philadelphia. I’m not proud of it and that $19 train ticket was the hardest thing I’ve worked for in my life. Quite a humbling experience too.
  • I’ve been known to give presents on my birthday to the people that mean the most to my life. I personally think we all have birthdays backwards: what did you do that was so special on the day you were born? I figure everyone else did the hard work and they have to put with my crap during the year, so it’s my gesture of thanking them.
  • I’m not an actor, but I do play one in our jkOTR video reviews. Oh wait…that’s six things.

Like I said: probably more than you wanted to know, but if you’re going to blog, you’ve got to put yourself out there. So, who am I tagging? How about:

This is actually a good test to see if these folks have Technorati "ego searches" as I’m not shooting them an e-mail. Of course, they could be jkOTR readers too; one can only hope.


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