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Baron-Pulver studio network on the way

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Rocketboom founder Andrew Michael Baron and VoIP entrepreneur Jeff Pulver are putting together a network studio called Abbey Corps. Hey, why let collaborator-turned-enemy Amanda Congdon have all the pre-Christmas weekend bucketloads of attention to herself today?

Baron promises a slow reveal of the project on his blog: “My next clue will reveal which other shows are a part of the studio and then I will go on to explain why I believe it’s a much better business than Podshow or Podtech.” He’ll also be competing with venture-funded Revision3.

Dave Winer, who has talked to Baron about the project, suggests it will probably include Zadi Diaz, Amber Dawn MacArthur, and Steve Garfield. (However, Zadi Diaz is listed as an editor on Congdon’s site as well.)

Pulver had previously talked about developing a Rocketboom wannabe, but it seems he’s going with the real thing instead. He had also experimented with video coverage of VON and his other shows, and has launched a companion Video on the Net event that focuses on the new industry. We spoke to him recently about his online video show aggregator Network2 in preparation for our “finding good online video” series.

From a WSJ profile of Pulver from earlier this summer:

Mr. Pulver is creating his own Internet TV show, which he is modeling on Rocketboom, a popular Internet video-blog that broadcasts a three-minute news show daily. He is considering launching a broader Internet TV subsidiary and is weighing whether to invest in several emerging Internet video companies, though he won’t name them. Someday he wants to start an Internet reality TV show.

Pulver has no information about the Abbey project on his blog, but he did have a recent post looking for content creators to join the Network2 effort.