Ashish Kashyap, CEO MIH India, On Acquisitions, Monetization And Web2.0

So, Podtech India has an interview with Ashish Kashyap, CEO of Naspers owned MIH Internet (India).
On the monetization of Web 2.0, he says that revenues cannot precede the community – One starts thinking of revenues once critical mass is created. These business require a lot more energy than transactional businesses. Web 2.0 needs patience, and it’s more like running a marathon, than a short run. He also feels that while the Indian space is getting overcrowded, the positive aspect is that it gives reasons to users to use the Internet. He remains skeptical about whether some of the Web 2.0 companies will have the energy to sustain. While Kashyap acknowledges that jobs and matrimonial sites have done well, he doesn’t know how much they can scale. He’s not yet seen a killer application in Web 2.0, but it doesn’t necessarily need not be a western concept.
At MIH, they’re looking to “build+invest+acquire”. Ibibo is in beta and there are plans for new features. On the Bixee and pixrat acquisitions: Pixrat apparently has some interesting prototypes in the making. The team and scalable technology were compelling reasons for the acquisitions.
MIH Internet has its HQ in Gurgaon, with 65 people and intend to grow this to three times the size. They’re creating an engineering and R&D operation in Bangalore. Once they kick in advertising sales, they’ll open up an office in Mumbai.
Some interesting insights into MIH, though some of our questions remain unanswered. Listen to the entire interview at PodTech, here.