Wii Wrist Straps Subject of Lawsuit


This should come as absolutely no surprise, but Nintendo has once again joined the illustrious ranks of those on the receiving end of a lawsuit. The law firm of Green Welling recently placed a statement on their website in regards to the case being brought against Nintendo. According to the statement, Green Welling has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of Wii owners due to faulty wrist straps for the Wii remotes:

“The class action lawsuit arose as result of the defective nature of the Nintendo Wii. In particular, the Nintendo Wii game console includes a remote and a wrist strap for the remote.  Owners of the Nintendo Wii reported that when they used the Nintendo remote and wrist strap, as instructed by the material that accompanied the Wii console, the wrist strap broke and caused the remote to leave the user’s hand.  Nintendo’s failure to include a remote that is free from defects is in breach of Nintendo’s own product warranty. “

“The class action lawsuit seeks to enjoin Nintendo from continuing its unfair or deceptive business practices as it relates to the Nintendo Wii.The lawsuit also seeks an injunction that requires Nintendo to correct the defect in the Wii remote and to provide a refund to the purchaser or to replace the defective Wii remote with a Wii remote that functions as it is warranted and intended.”

The Nintendo Wii isn’t the only current console maker being sued. The Microsoft XBox 360 has come under fire for constant hardware failures for their version 1 units (the first consoles shipped) and for console failure after an update at the end of October. Alright, PS3, the ball is in your court now!


Jason McMaster

So, reporting a story, 5 months ago, inspired a poorly spelled rant on the Internet. IMAGINE THAT!


No you people are a bunch of retards. The WII is just as much on top as PS3 if not the WII. You guys are ridiculous. A faulty strap. it not the controller or the system it’s just a god damm strap. The system itself is vitually flawless and your tring to sew the most well trusted company over a stupid strap. This is not nintendos faulty mistake it’s the retarded customers who don’t know how to use a controller. I heard in one lol story that the strap broke boo hoo and it caused the remote to drop. You still have to let go of the remote for it to fall so it’s the customer who doesn’t know how to hold an easy to use controller. You don’t even need the srap to play it is more of a hinderance any way so do your self a favor and cut the thing off as soon as you buy it and the problem will be solved. It’s not like there will be any hardware problems since nintendo has the best reliability rate of any vidoegames which is a known fact. So yes you may be violating warranty but it’s not like you are ever gonna need to send it for repairs. Anyway I just don’t understand how lawyers who have gone through countless years of school to make a case based on hoofla and turn it into a nightmare of crap for nintendo. You guys are ridicculous. Don’t you have anything better to do. Why don’t you help microsoft customers. You will find thousands of cases yes I said thousands about the 360s hardware defects which are real problems. Forget those petty wieners and do a real job. All the M$ customers are in a “WAR” to get a recall on these bad boys because there is now a 50% failure rate on this p o c product and I am just about 110% positive you can find someone with a problem in about 1 min if you visit the website.(MICROSOFT XBOX 360 DEFECTIVE RED LIGHTS OF DEATH) and yes you will find thousands if not millions of real customers with real hardcore problems. Like I said the Wii is the most reliable system out there and the 360 Is a p o c that is presented by microsoft on a golden platter.


They shouldn’t waste any time on this. There are better companies to start a lawsuit against coughsrockstarcoughs

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