The Mac ‘exactly 24 years old’? Um, No


While noting the analyst prediction that more than 9 million Macs will be sold in 2007, Softpedia Editor Codrut Nistor uses some ‘fuzzy math.’

In January, the Mac will be exactly 24 years old. Named after the McIntosh Apple, the original Macintosh computer was released on January 24, 1984.

Hmmm, using the built-in calculator on my computer, 2007-1984=23. Maybe Codrut should’ve gone with ‘approximately 24’ or ‘roughly 24.’

9 Million Macs in 2007?



Also, he completely forgot the Apple Lisa, which was *actually* the first computer *sold* with a GUI. However, it wasn’t even the first computer with a GUI, as the Xerox PARCS labs had a GUI which Apple used to get their thoughts started.

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