Thank you Apple, that was a class act


Dear Apple,

Thank you. I had pretty much written off what happened as a silly mistake and although I didn’t feel very good about it, I had decided there wasn’t much I could do. You did the right thing, and proved to me again you are a class act.

What am I referring to? Well, earlier this year you made available for sale South Park Season 10. I happily paid $11.99 for a season pass and started downloading episodes. Then during the hiatus between the first and second half of the season I found out that my subscription had “finished”. You also had changed the name of the subscription to South Park Season 10A and added a new season labeled Season 10B. This meant that if I wanted to see the second half of the season, I would have to pay another $11.99.

When this happened, I felt betrayed. I felt that I had asked for the whole season, and then you had decided to change it on me half way through. “Classic bait and switch”, I thought. I had pretty much decided at that point that I wouldn’t subscribe to another season pass through iTunes.

Then yesterday, I found out that you had changed your mind. You made iTunes Season 10B available to everyone who had purchased a iTunes Season 10 season pass. That was the right thing to do, and a smart customer service move. Now I’m looking forward to the next season of South Park, and this time, I’m sure you’ll be clear on what I’m receiving.




Does this mane n e one else warm and mushy inside?

It’s great when a company makes a mistake then fixes it!

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