Study Shows In-Game Ads Not Effective

Bunnyfoot Quantities, a company that specializes in Behavioural Research, has found that in-game advertising in sports titles has less of an impact than desired. Using their specialized tool, the Sponsor Fixation Index (SFI), Bunnyfoot analyzed the results from 120 different game players. The players were chosen due to their gaming habits and experience. All of the players, who were at least 18 years of age, were assigned different sports games and asked to play. Afterwards, the SFI results tended to be on the lower side of the scale.

The SFI works based on what players recall and recognize during their game play sessions. This method is then used to track the effectiveness of a companies advertising campaign. NBA Live and Smackdown Vs. Raw yielded the highest results, whereas Project Gotham Racing 3 (a popular racing title for the XBox 360) received a shocking score of 0% in all scoring categories.

The whole idea behind advertising in games is for people to want to buy your product. If they don’t, then, why do it? Even though these companies are using the exact same advertising model as their real world sports counerparts, no one is paying attention. Either way, it’s back to the drawing board for in-game ads.