‘Starring Amanda Congdon’ to launch Friday

Web-made heroine Amanda Congdon will launch the next of her projects, a “a behind the scenes look at her life in L.A. as she juggles new projects in the traditional and new media,” tomorrow. The show, Starring Amanda Congdon, has already hooked up deals with a new Unilever Dove-brand product and video chat community Paltalk for sponsorship, and blip.tv for hosting.

Congdon headshotWe had previously reviewed Congdon’s ABC News videoblogging debut. Afterwards, Congdon promised to clean up the pre-roll ads, and apologized for the video not being available as a podcast until a few days later. (Hey Amanda, could you also do something about the pop-ups? They’re getting through even in Firefox.)

Update: We just got off the phone with blip COO Dina Kaplan, who explained a little more about the Congdon deal. blip was responsible for tying up the sponsorships with Dove and Paltalk, and will be splitting revenue 50-50 with Congdon.

In addition to handling bandwidth, blip will also do PR, marketing, and promotion of videos on Yahoo, AOL, iTunes, and Quicktime, as well as inclusion on sites like Dabble and Mefeedia. The company plans to offer the same kind of deal with other premium video shows, for the cost of half of the sponsorship dollars.

Look for an interview with Congdon on NTV later tonight.