‘Show All Files’ in iTunes 7

iTunes 7 separates files into Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts and Audiobooks, whereas previously you could view all of your Library files in a single window and see what the total playtime and size was.

In a comment on macosxhints.com, Doug Adams, who manages Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes, has come up with a very simple AppleScript to regain that functionality:

tell application "iTunes"
set view of front window to library playlist 1
end tell

Paste the above text into a blank Script Editor window (or choose Script Editor>Make New AppleScript from the Services menu) and save the script into your ~/Library/iTunes/Scripts folder. When you choose the script from iTunes 7’s script menu, you’ll see every file in your iTunes Library, be it song, podcast, video, audiobook or pdf. You can also assign a keyboard shortcut to the script using the Keyboard Shortcuts tab of the Keyboard & Mouse System Preferences pane.

Doug has been creating and archiving cool scripts for iTunes since before it was even iTunes (Remember SoundJam?) so be sure to check out his site to browse the 417 other free iTunes AppleScripts.

iTunes 7 Show All view


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