NEC's Water-resistant Ruggedized Laptop


I can’t imagine I’m the only person who’s ever spilled a drink on my laptop. And if you’re hauling your deck from dining table to cafe to conference, then you might want to think about getting something a bit more rugged. To be released in January, NEC’s “ShieldPro” FC-N21S is a ruggedized tablet PC weighing 2.5lbs with an Intel processor clocking in at 1.2ghz.

More importantly, as the video above demonstrates, you can lean this machine against a tree at a dog park without a care in the world. It even promises to withstand drops of nearly three feet. Consider the estimated $2,600 price tag as paying an insurance premium on your data.


Jackson West

This seems to me like what I would love for a ‘second laptop.’ For instance, one for extended trips, where the premium is on being rugged and light. The specs are low, but good enough to use web apps and get work done on documents. What amazes me is why fewer of these ‘rugged’ features aren’t built into existing laptops as standard prodcedure.

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