MojoPlay LCD adds mobility to Xbox 360


Mp920xbIn our house, we have "priority viewing" on our main HDTV. The kids get first pick of what to watch just because we can stay up later and watch high def until the wee hours of the mornin’. Next up, I let Barb decide what to watch: hey, I’m man enough to admit that HGTV and Food Network look pretty darn good in high def. Third and last on the list is Xbox 360 gaming because who wants to watch me play Oblivion and kick some Goblin behind when "Dancing with the Stars" is on?

For $170, the MojoPlay MP-920XB might get me some more Xbox 360 time, much to the Goblin’s chagrin. While the 9.2-inch LCD will attach to the 360 for playing anywhere there’s power, I’ll have to suck it up with 800 x 480 resolution. That’s a far cry from the 1920 x 1080 I’m used to during my quests, but I don’t think those Goblin’s will look much different; they’re doggone ugly in any res.

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